Origins Return - Simulation game

Origins Return is a free massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) and intergalactic simulation game released in english in 2010, set in a distant future.

Origins Return

After the failure of the Great Coalition during the war against the Crusaders, many people escaped from battles by going in exile in distant galaxies. But traces of your history are now returning: the rediscovery of the Space Portal previously hidden and forgotten by your ancestors, gives an all new dimension to your evolution. Faced with this new technology, your people began to explore and dominate the galaxy. But this will not be without risks: other people have also resurrected this sad period of History...


The goal is to create your empire and dominate the universe: first of all, thanks to the space portal which consists of a large platform that generates a quantum field that connects two points of the universe and allows travelling instantaneously from one portal to another. It can allow you to attack, colonize new planets, transfer resources from one planet to another and also to negotiate, commercial or military pacts with another emperor. The portal is the main feature of the game and shall be needed to reach your goal of being the most audacious and determined emperor of the whole universe.

Game: Origins Return
Year: 2010
Genre: MMORTS and Simulation
Mode: Free to play
Platform: Web browser
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